Our 2023 Senior Scout Bowl is Set!

April 1st, 2023 | Milton Frank Stadium | Huntsville, Al

We hope to see you next year. Stay tuned.

The Danny Kendall Johnson Foundation

A 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization

The purpose of The Danny Kendall Johnson Foundation is to publicize and provide the country with vital information concerning the programs that the foundation supports within this region. We will provide the public with current information as it pertains to legislative laws in regards to the impairment of individuals driving while sleep, drunk or other impairments. To this end, we will also identify families that need support and comfort to deal with their tragedy.

The foundation will also utilize change as it pertains to legislative laws to assist victims families as well. The foundation will also support an education component via scholarships at Alabama A & M University and Huntsville City Schools in remembrance of Danny. The foundation will support the community alongside law enforcement via sporting events and speakers, hereby creating engagement on a quarterly basis.

The Danny Kendall Johnson Foundation was created in memory of Danny K. Johnson the son of Susan and Danny Johnson. The Johnson’s lost their second son on March 24, 2016 due to an impaired driver. It is their goal to have an impact on the community by being involved in legislation and providing support to those in similar situations.

Danny Johnson
#2 Class of 2014 QB FS
J.O. Johnson High School
Huntsville, AL


Desmond Johnson
#5 Class of 2016 FS WR
J.O. Johnson High School
Huntsville, AL



Parents Against Impaired & Drunk Drivers

We engage the community and law enforcement by having quarterly speakers on the effects that drowsy and drunk driving have on families today.

Education & Scholarships

We will establish a scholarship in Danny’s name to Alabama A&M University, as well as scholarships that will go throughout the state of Alabama. We will offer classes that will assist you in taking the ACT and another class to assist students in learning how to successfully interview in a professional environment.

Senior Scout Bowl

We will establish a sports hall of fame to recognize our local athletes and their hard work, as well as provide exposure to every student in the state of Alabama  that wants it by sending sports bios to over 700 colleges & universities throughout the nation.


This book has been donated to the foundation with all rights and privileges thereof. The suggested taxable donation is $100 (which includes a copy of “I WIsh I Knew”). Also, no amount of donations will be turned down. When donating for book, please include the mailing address you wish to receive your copy.

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